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The Milford Grooved Door offers a versatile solution for interior design, featuring four distinct groove options: V-Groove, S-Groove, Chamfer Groove and U-Groove.  Each groove type presents a unique aesthetic, allowing for customizable styling to suit individual preferences and interior themes.

In addition to its varied groove options, the Milford Grooved Door is available in non-standard widths, providing flexibility in installation and ensuring a seamless fit for diverse architectural configurations.

For enhanced functionality and design versatility, glazing is offered as an optional feature with the Milford groove, allowing natural light to permeate through spaces while maintaining privacy and visual appeal.

The Milford Grooved Door is available in three core options:  hollow core, solid core and poly core.

Furthermore, the Milford Grooved door is offered in two height categories: Standard height (1980mm or less) and over height 1981mm to 2700mm.  This range accommodates various ceiling heights and architectural specifications, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation across different spaces.

With the diverse groove options, customizable features, and comprehensive core and size variations, the Milford Grooved Door presents a comprehensive solution for interior door applications.

Technical Information
Milford Door Sizes
Door typeGroove typeStandard heightOver heightStandard width range
MilfordV-Groove, S-Groove, U-Groove, Chamfer Groove1980mm1981mm - 2400mm410mm - 910mm
2401mm - 2700mm960mm - 1210mm
Stile, Rail and Lockblock Configuration 1980 up to 2400 High Doors 410-910mm Wide
Hollow (1980)Ex 35mmEx 35mm400 x 70mm
Hollow (Up to 2400)Ex 140mmEx 35mm800 x 70mm
PolystyreneEx 35mmEx 35mm400/800 x 70mm
Solid (Up to 2400)Ex 140mmEx 35mmN/A
960mm Wide +Ex 105mmEx 105mmN/A
>2400mm highEx 105mmEx 105mmN/A
Skin and Thickness Options (MDF Skins)
HollowN/AN/A4.75mm Skin4.75mm Skin6.0mm Skin
Polystyrene4.75mm Skin6.0mm Skin4.75mm Skin4.75mm Skin6.0mm Skin
SolidN/AN/A4.75mm Skin4.75mm Skin6.0mm Skin
OversizeN/A6.0mm SkinN/AN/A6.0mm Skin
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