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Imagine standing inside the room, open the door towards you, are the hinges on the Left or Right.


Timaru & Cromwell Branches operate a 100% merchant support policy which means all orders must be actioned through the builder’s merchant of your choice.

A grooved jamb is a profile where the wall lining (gib) is inserted into a groove in the outside edge of a door jamb leaving a minimalistic look on the door frame around the door.

An architrave jamb is a profile where the edge of the door jamb is flush with the wall lining (gib) and an architrave is fitted around the door frame. This can usually be 40mm or 60mm but in some cases dependent on the required look desired can be 90mm wide

Hollow core is a light weight residential and sometimes commercial industry standard grade door that is generally widely used in most interior door situations.

Poly Core is a thermally efficient option of door leaf that can be used if thermal efficiency is a factor in a particular build. With the new H1/AS1 building code requirements often a polycore door will be specified between and uncontrolled heating environment ie: Garage.

Solid Core is used as an option generally for sound suppression purposes but sometimes just to give doors a better, heavier feel.

Trim width:

Door Width (710mm) + 4mm (hinge clearance) + MDF Jamb 25mm (x2) = 764mm Over jamb

Trim Height:

Door Height (1980) + Floor Clearance (22mm) + 3mm head clearance + MDF head jamb 25mm = 2030mm Over jamb

You will need a door with an R-Value, for building thermal envelope doors under H1/AS1 varies depending on where you are in the country: