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Discover a diverse range of internal door products tailored for residential and commercial properties.  Our collection features internal prehung doors, external doors, wardrobes, wardrobe organisers, cavity sliders, bi-fold doors, barn doors, fire doors, stairs and accompanying hardware for the different door products.

Barn Doors

Step into a world of rustic charm and functional elegance with barn doors.


Bi-Fold doors - a touch of history, sophistication and pure functionality.

Cavity Sliders

Experience the seamless flow of space with cavity sliders.

CS Designer Doors

Elevate your space with the CS Designer Door' range:  Offering everything from sophistication, industrial chic & contemporary design.

External Doors

Exterior doors that ooze elegance & craftsmanship.

Internal Doors

Elevate the interior of your home by choosing a custom or high-quality prehung door

RobeSmart Organisers

The RobeSmart Organiser, a versatile storage solution designed to meet all your wardrobe needs.

Veneer Doors

Timeless elegance, discover our stunning veneer doors collection.


Wardrobe sliders are a versatile storage solution that combines functionality with style.