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The Alutec range offers a sleek, contemporary look that combines the strength and durability of aluminium with minimalist design.  These doors are perfect for modern interiors, providing a seamless transition between spaces.  With a focus on clean lines and high-quality finish, Alutec doors are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room.


The Loft door range embodies industrial chic, combining robust materials with a raw, urban aesthetic.  These doors are ideal for spaces looking to incorporate an industrial edge, featuring exposed hardware and sturdy construction.  The Loft range is designed to make a bold statement while providing reliable functionality.


The New Yorker range  captures the essence of urban sophistication with a nod to classic design elements.  These doors feature elegant profiles and high-quality materials, making them suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.  The New Yorker range is designed to add a touch of timeless elegance to any setting.

An impressive selection of door ranges that cater to various design preferences and functional needs.  Whether you’re looking for the sleek, modern appeal of the Alutec range, the industrial charm of the Loft range, or the timeless elegance of the New Yorker range, you will find high-quality, customizable solutions to enhance any space.



Technical Information
Alutec Door Technical Information
How to Specify:
ProductCS Alutec Door Leaves
Leaf Dimensions2700mm x 1200mm
Finish/ColourMatt Titania
ApplicationCavity Slider
HardwareCL 400 Magnetic Key/Snib
Loft Door Technical Information
How to Specify:
ProductCS Loft Door
ApplicationCavity Slider
Door Type5H-5V Lite
Leaf Dimensions2400mm x 1400mm
Finish/ColourMatt Black
Glazing Finish6.38mm Clear
HardwareCS Fitted pull handle
New Yorker Door Technical Information
How to Specify :
ProductCS New Yorker Door
LocationDining Room
ApplicationCavity Slider
Door Type4 Horizontal Light
Leaf Dimensions2400mm x 1200mm
Finish / ColourNatural Anodised
Glazing Finish6.38mm Opal Laminate
HardwareCL400 Magnetic Passage