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Parkwood Aluminium Doors are the epitome of modern design and functionality.  Engineers for strength and stability, these doors require minimal maintenance.  Their sleek and contemporary appearance complements modern architectural styles.  Available in a range of finishes and colours, these doors can be tailored to meet specific aesthetic requirements.

These doors provide excellent thermal insulation, making them a practical and stylish choice for any home or commercial building.


Duramax Composite Doors combine the best of both worlds, offering the aesthetic appeal of traditional timber with the superior performance of advanced composite materials.  These doors are designed to be highly durable. The composite construction ensures excellent thermal efficiency, reducing energy costs while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.  Duramax doors come in a variety of styles and finishes, including a woodgrain effect and contemporary colours, providing a versatile option for different design preferences.  Easy to maintain and long-lasting, Duramax Composite Doors are an excellent investment for any property.


Parkwood Timber Doors offer a timeless blend of elegance and durability, making them a preferred choice for both traditional and contemporary homes.  Crafted from a selection of timber, these doors provide natural insulation and aesthetic appeal.  Available in a variety of designs and finishes, these doors can be customised to suit individual preferences.  With the classic charm of solid timber you can add a touch of sophistication to any interior or front entrance.

Technical Information
Thermtek Doors
THERMTEK FL (New Thermtek Flush Design)THERMTEK CFL (Old Thermtek Flush Design)
R-Rating (door size 1980 x 860)0.560.28
Max Size2900 x 1300mm2650 x 1200mm
Thermally BrokenYes (Subject to hardware and fittings)No
Dual ColourYes - Colour change on door edgeYes - Colour change on door face
Style Edge Radius1.5mm1mm
Border Size8mm Top and bottom, 6mm Edges16mm
Skin Thickness1.6mm1.2mm
Weight (door size 1980 x 860)28kg31kg
Flush FaceYes (No capping)No (Has capping)
Bow Test Result (door size 2400 x 1000)2mm @ 50° temperature difference6mm @ 50° temperature difference
RP8 Seal AvailableYesNo
Warranty10 Year10 Year
Duramax Door
R-RatingAll Duramax doors have a R-value (m²·K/W) of at least 0.5 – some as high as 1.16
Door CorePolyurethane
Maximum Height2400mm
Minimum Width300mm
Maximum Width1060mm
Glass OptionVarious available depending on the door style - POA
Eye ViewerNormal thickness door viewer
Cat DoorCan fit (Full thickness of door)
Dual ColourYes
SituationFully Exposed
RP8 Seal AvailableYes
Warranty10 Year
Exterior Timber Doors
R-RatingMinimum - 0.49 Maximum - 0.58
Door CoreSolid Timber
Maximum Height2600mm
Minimum Width300mm
Maximum Width1200mm
Minimum Thickness39mm
Maximum Thickness42mm
Glass OptionVarious available depending on the door style - POA
Eye ViewerNormal thickness door viewer
Cat DoorCan fit (Full thickness of door)
Dual ColourNo
RP8 Seal AvailableYes
Warranty5 Year